A Month of Free Coaching

A year ago, I faced a challenging crossroads in my professional journey. Although it was difficult to admit, I needed assistance, and I eventually sought it out. Now, I’m eager to extend my hand to help you. Here’s what happened.

One year ago, I left my role as Vice President of Talent Development at a dynamic tech firm in California. As I considered my next venture, I decided to establish my own business focused on empowering leaders to cultivate, train, and coach wildly effective teams. Having guided teams to success multiple times in my career, I wanted to share the sense of fulfillment I had experienced and, quite honestly, the joy that comes with it. When done right, this endeavor is undoubtedly hard work, but it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Launching your own business is never a walk in the park, as any entrepreneur can attest. I was well aware of the challenges that lay ahead. I recognized my strengths but also acknowledged my shortcomings, particularly in self-promotion. I’ve always had a hard time promoting myself. So you can imagine my reluctance to wake up in the morning and “sell” my new venture. Not a pleasant prospect for me, to say the least. I knew I needed help.

What did I do? I hired a coach! While she wasn’t the priciest coach out there, her fee still amounted to a month’s supply of grande mochas (at least). Yet, it turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made, and I’m quite fond of mochas!

Ironically, it was not the coaching sessions that proved challenging; instead, it was the initial step of reaching out and hiring a coach that proved difficult for me. Here’s why:

Throughout most of my life, I had been the go-to person for advice. When friends and acquaintances faced dilemmas, they often turned to me for guidance. Because of that, I had developed a good bit of pride that I didn’t realize was there until I found myself stuck.

In my head, I knew what to do. The problem was my head was also filled with self-limiting stories that impeded me from taking the necessary actions—actions I knew I needed to take and knew how to execute but was still reluctant to undertake.

That same pride hindered me from seeking help, convincing me I didn’t need it. What a falsehood that turned out to be. I reaped immense benefits from my coaching conversations. Having a coach brought clarity to my vision and equipped me to confront challenges that could have otherwise stifled my progress.

Fast forward to today—just one year later. I feel truly blessed to work with clients spanning various industries, from large industrial sectors to technology solutions and community non-profit organizations. Have I achieved financial independence? No, not yet. However, I’m content and fulfilled by the work I’m doing, and most importantly, I see the positive impact my work has on the lives of the people I collaborate with.

This is why I want to offer my help to you. I’ve experienced firsthand the advantages of having someone genuinely interested in your success, someone who isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and share valuable insights. I’ve tasted the confidence that comes with knowing there’s someone in your corner.

As I mark the one-year anniversary of embarking on this journey to assist others, and recognizing that seeking help can be challenging, I’m extending a unique offer. For the entire month of September, I’m making my coaching services available for free. No strings attached. Seriously.

If you’ve read this far, taken the time to hear my story, and believe that coaching could benefit you, I’d love to have a conversation. If you’ve ever wondered how having a coach could enhance your life, this might be the perfect opportunity to explore. Maybe you even know someone who could benefit from this offer.

All you have to do is reach out. Use the link below to schedule a time on my calendar and share a bit about yourself and what you hope to achieve during our conversation. If you’re genuinely interested, take a moment to reach out and arrange a time. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


A Quick Note:
Please don’t be one of those people that clicks the link to set a time but has no intention of having a conversation. That’s just a lie. And while you might be robbing me of 30 minutes, you’re robbing yourself of your integrity. Don’t be that person. Let’s be genuine in our interactions.

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